Tuesday , February 7 2023
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Secret Rhodes

The Gates of the Old Town

It’s worth to know that the commanding Medieval Town of Rhodes has increased the number of gates, there are today. There were ten in the past. Of course in the past there were gates that there are not today, but it is important to be  know  that the gates opened …

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Seven Springs

In a landscape of incomparable beauty, in a heaven on earth one can find the area of the “Seven Springs”. The name comes from the seven real springs from which water gushes coming from the river Loutanis and they are scattered on a hillside.

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Rodini Park

It is a park which is identified as one of the oldest in the whole world. It is not just an idyllic landscape that gives a vivid life to the island of Rhodes and a source of oxygen within the city, but also a place of great historical importance with …

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Bloody Easter – Rhodes 1919

The style of a day that rose in this place 90 years ago. The ether of the adiquated moment that hovered and was lost like a Christ angel. The voice of an unforgetable woman with such a prudency and  labor.  The shadow of an unconquered  dressed in black… that fresh …

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Underwater Rhodes – The Real Beauty

Rhodes is a historic island which has been a crossroad of civilizations in antiquity. Boasting a unique culture, diverse nature, impressive architecture, perfect weather, beautiful coastlines and friendly people helps to make the island the first choice holiday destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Yet the beauty …

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The names of Rhodes

The first reference in the name of the island there is in Iliad of Homer. So the name seems to come from the homonymous flower “Rose”, which was the favorite flower of God Sun. Also, many ancient coins of Rhodes, in one side there is God Sun, on the other …

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