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The most important facts of Rhodes before Christ

The island of Rhodes inhabited by people since 10000 before Christ. So, the following are referred to in a summary the most important persons and facts before the birth of Jesus Christ:

  • 10th century  before Christ: the three cities-countries were created Rhodes, Ialissos, Kamiros and Lindos
  •  8th century BC: It founded the Doriki six towns from the Greeks, in which Lindos, Kamiros and Ialissos with Ko, Knido and Alikarnassos are.
  • 7th century BC:  in Lindos Kleovoulos Rhodios, was born one of the 7 wise persons of the ancient years. In this century it created the first Rhodian colonies in Spain, Asia Minor, Southern Italy and in Mediterranean.
  • 408 BC: The Rhodians abolished the three cities-countries, and then after the inducement of Doriea, son of Diagoras founded Damo of Rodion that had about 150000 residences.
  • 332 BC: Alexandros the Great placed Macedonian guards in Rhodes and took with him the best Rhodian soldiers Sfendonites.
  • 316 BC: In Rhodes a big flood occurred causing damages, catastrophes, floods and drowning
  • 305 before Christ: For one year Dimitrios Poliorkitis sieges the city but the Rhodians won.
  • 293 BC: The Rhodians built the statue of Kolossos in honor of God’s Son.
  • 227 BC: Kolossos fell and was destroyed after an earthquake
  • 42 BC: Romans conquered Rhodes after a long beleaguer
  • 14 BC: The Roman Empire Tiverios lived in Rhodes who later murdered Christ.


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